Introducing the Rocket Validator API

by Jaime Iniesta

Since our launch, our goal has always been offering web developers the easiest way to validate web pages on large sites. Just enter a starting URL, click a button and we’ll do the rest.

The Rocket Validator web interface offers an intuitive way to manage your validation reports, however there are times when you need to integrate the data from your reports in other projects, tools, dashboards or workflows you already have.

The brand new Rocket Validator API allows you to manage your reports and integrate them easily in your existing workflows using conventional HTTP requests to a standard JSON API.

API Documentation screenshot

Basically, every data generated in your site validation reports is available on the API. Making simple HTTP requests you can get your reports, the scraped web pages, a detailed list of every accessibility and HTML issues found in them, as well as the common issues on the site.

The API lets you also query your schedules and muting rules, and retrieve related data following the relationship links.

What can the API be used for?

Basically, the Rocket Validator API lets you access your report data in a structured format -we follow the JSON API standard-. So possibilities are endless, here are some ideas from our clients:

  • Building a custom dashboard that shows the status for web sites developed by an agency. Web development agencies often have internal dashboard integrating the client work, using the Rocket Validator API it’s easy to search for the latest report on each site and highlight the main issues to fix.
  • Integrating with a ticket system so if an issue is detected, a ticket is automatically opened for the team that should fix it.
  • Exporting the reports to other formats: CSV, PDF…
  • Build your own white-label validation service presenting the reports data under your own branding.

…these are just some ideas, in following updates we’ll include some recipes on how to build this kind of integrations.

Check out the Rocket Validator API Documentation to get started using the API.

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