Announcing Enterprise Plans

by Jaime Iniesta

Today we’re announcing the new Enterprise plan for power users and agencies that need to check a really large number of web pages. A single Enterprise plan will let you perform up to 500,000 checks per month, with unlimited domains and re-checks.

The Basic and Pro plans have been extended with the new Enterprise plan, which offers all the features on the Pro plans (accessibility and HTML checking, scheduling and muting), but with a much higher capacity:

  • 500,000 total checks per month. You heard it right, that’s half a million checks per month.
  • Up to 25 requests per second. The highest checking rate, handle with care!
  • Top priority. Guarantee that Enterprise jobs go first on the background queues.

Plans are packages!

We’re sure one of the Subscription plans - Basic, Pro or Enterprise - will fit your needs whether you’re a freelancer, small or large company, but if it doesn’t, keep in mind you can always combine plans to get an extended capacity.

For example, let’s say you have a Pro Yearly plan giving you a sustained capacity of 50,000 checks per month. Maybe on a given month, you have more work and you need more checks - in this case, you can get an additional Pro Monthly plan on top to have your capacity extended to 100,000 checks during that month, and cancel it later on to get back to your normal quota.

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