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  • Deleting web pages from reports

    by Jaime Iniesta
    Web pages included in a report can now be deleted.
  • Severity Counters Are Back

    by Jaime Iniesta
    We've brought the severity counters back to reports, to accurately show how many issues per severity have been detected.
  • Live Reports UI Redesign

    by Jaime Iniesta
    The reports user interface has been redesigned to make it simpler, lighter and much faster.
  • New Report Data Storage Policy

    by Jaime Iniesta
    Report data means everything that is generated when you run a site report: records representing the web pages and all the accessibility and HTML issues found in them. Report results are stored to let you work later on reviewing the issues without relying on real-time checks. Learn about our new report data storage policy.
  • New Summary Report

    by Jaime Iniesta
    The new Summary Report gives you a global overview of the status of a site, including the counts of total HTML and accessibility issues found, and a percentage of the total number of web pages that passed all the checks.
  • Check out the brand new Site Reports UI

    by Jaime Iniesta
    We've just rolled out a brand new version of the Rocket Validator Reports UI with a simpler interface, charged with new features.
  • Better usage tracking

    by Jaime Iniesta
    The subscription plan you choose determines the number of checks you can request per period length. For example, a Pro Monthly plan lets you request 50,000 checks per month. Learn how we're tracking accurately your usage, subtracting the checks you request from your subscription limit.
  • New Activity View

    by Jaime Iniesta
    The new Activity view is here to simplify your work, by showing the latest 10 sites you've been working on, and the latest report for each one, pointing you to the 3 most important accessibility and HTML issues detected on the latest scan.
  • Report filters

    by Jaime Iniesta
    We've added filtering for validation reports. This lets you search within your reports list by site URL, your web pages per its URL, and the accessibility and HTML issues found by its issue message.

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