Non-document errors are now inside the HTML issues section

by Jaime Iniesta

When a web page can’t be validated by the W3C HTML validator due to a timeout or connection issue, the issue returned is neither an “error” or a “warning”, but instead it’s marked as a “non-document error”, because it’s not related with the document itself, rather it’s related to some external circumstance that impided the validation of the web page.

Until now, reports generated by Rocket Validator showed these non-document errors in a separate tab, but now that we’ve introduced tags, we’ve simplified the interface and the non-document errors are shown together with the rest of the issues returned by the HTML validator.

You can use the tag filters to highlight these errors based on their assigned tags, for example non-document error, timeout, etc.

Tag filter highlighting the timeout tag

Both in the Common HTML Issues and Web Page HTML Issues tabs, you’ll find all the non-document errors conveniently grouped:

Non-document errors grouped in the report

We hope that you find the new report interface simpler and easier to use!

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