Report filters

by Jaime Iniesta

After you’ve used Rocket Validator for a while you end up having a long list of scanned web sites, with a long list of web pages in each of them and possibly a large amount of HTML and Accessibility issues.

Browsing through all of this information can be hard, so we’ve added a new search bar on those lists that will let you easily:

  • Filter site reports per URL.
  • Filter web pages within a site per URL.
  • Filter HTML and A11Y issues per issue message.
  • Filter web pages affected by a given issue per URL.

For example, say you want to find site reports for your client - just search for “” in your sites list.

Or, you’re working on fixing a site and you only want to work with the Blog pages. Just search for “/blog” and you’ll see only pages containing that in the URL.

Maybe you’re interested in fixing only ARIA-related issues? Go your Accessibility report and search for “aria”.

We hope this helps in browsing through your site reports!

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