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Accessibility Checker upgraded to Axe Core 4.7

by Jaime Iniesta

We've upgraded our Accessibility validation servers to the latest version of axe-core, 4.7, which improves many accessibility rules and fixes some bugs from previous versions.

Version 4.7 of Axe Core adds support for some features that have been added to browsers in the last year. No new rules were added, and it does not make axe-core stricter. The number of issues reported by this version may be lower than the ones reported in 4.6.

The aria-roledescription rule has been deprecated, and the impact of the scrollable-region-focusable has been increased to serious.

Feature Highlights

  • aria-roledescription: deprecate rule.
  • aria-roles: deprecate the ARIA directory role.
  • support the dialog element.

Bug Fixes

  • aria-allowed-attrs: allow aria-description and aria-braille* attrs
  • aria-input-field-name: skip combobox popups
  • aria-required-children:
    • allow separator in menu(bar)
    • do not fail for children with aria-hidden
    • list elements that are not allowed
  • autocomplete-valid: allow webauthn token
  • color-contrast:
    • correcly apply opacity to foreground color
    • correctly calculate contrast of flex/grid items with z-index
    • correctly compute background color for elements with opacity
    • correctly compute color contrast of elements
    • do not check contrast on elemets that are inerted
    • skip ligature icons
  • create-grid: correctly compute stack order for non-positioned stacking contexts
  • css-orientation-lock: support the css rotate property
  • focus-order-semantics: Add ARIA role article to list of valid roles for scrollable regions
  • is-icon-ligature: prevent canvas2d warning willReadFrequently
  • link-in-text-block: allow links with identical colors
  • respondable: work with CDP Page.setDocumentContent
  • scrollable-region-focusable:
    • change impact to serious
    • skip native controls

Full Changelog

Check out the 4.7 release notes.

Current accessibility ruleset

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