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Sidebar Navigation

by Jaime Iniesta

We’ve refreshed the application layout to include a responsive sidenav menu on the left, which gives you direct access to each of the sections in Rocket Validator.

The new interface also makes better use of the available screen space, so it can adapt responsively to narrow or wide vieports. Try the dashboard stats in full screen to enjoy the kiosk mode!

Screenshot of the new sidenav layout


All sections now have a shortcut link on the top right to give you direct access to the create new reports, schedules, mutings, guest accounts or API tokens.

Screenshot of the new shortcuts

User menu

You’ll find the new user menu at the left bottom of the sidenav. This menu includes direct links to edit your account, access your subscription and invoices, documentation, and sign out.

Screenshot of the new user menu

We hope that this redesign makes it easier and clearer to work with your validation reports!

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