Rocket Validator Affiliate Program

by Jaime Iniesta

We’ve started an Affiliate Program, and you’re encouraged to participate!

Join us as an affiliate to help us spread the word about online accessibility standards. In exchange, we will split our income with you, up to a 25% monthly recurring commission.

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How to become an affiliate

To join the Rocket Validator Affiliate Program, just sign up to get your unique referral link. Then, when you link to us from your websites, social media, or newsletters, we’ll split up to 25% of the earnings with you.

Lemon Squeezy oversees our Affiliate Program and all payouts. Check out their guides for additional information.

Example of recurring earnings

All of our services are subscription-based: most of our clients sign up for monthly subscriptions, but they may also choose weekly or yearly subscriptions. We share all recurring earnings with you, unlike other affiliate networks that just pay you for the initial sale.

You receive your share every time a subscription is renewed. That is our definition of a fair affiliate network: if we win, you win.

Here’s a simple example. Assume you suggested a customer who purchases a Pro Monthly membership. The cost is $48 per month, we give you a 20% affiliate commission, which is $9.60 per month! As long as this client is subscribed, you will get compensated without completing any more work. With a single recommended client, it comes to $115.20 per year.

And that’s not all; other plans offer varying commissions, such as Pro Yearly, which has a 25% commission - that’s $120 with our current pricing.

Who may participate in our Affiliate Program?

Each affiliate request is reviewed individually to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If you are a web development professional, whether a single developer or a web firm, you are encouraged to join our affiliate network.

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