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Accessibility Checker upgraded to 3.5.2

by Jaime Iniesta

The Accessibility validation server on Rocket Validator has been upgraded to the latest version of Axe released by Deque, Axe Core 3.5.2 which fixes some bugs:

  • meta-viewport: parse negative and string values for maximum-scale
  • respondable: ignore reflected messages from iframes
  • header-present: update verbiage to use heading instead of header
  • color-contrast: mark more punctuations for review
  • unicode: detect supplementary private use area
  • definition-list: Mention <div> is allowed to group content in <dl>
  • td-headers-attr: mark as needs review if headers attr is empty
  • td-has-headers: don’t fail for empty headers attribute
  • th-has-data-cells: fail when data cell points to a different header
  • has-lang: update message to indicate that xml:lang is not valid on HTML pages
  • page-no-duplicate-contentinfo: do not fail when first element is inside landmark

Current accessibility ruleset

Check out the full list of accessibility rules that are being checked currently by our web crawler

Accessibility rules checked by Rocket Validator

Time to re-check your sites!

As usual, it's recommended to re-check your sites after the validation servers have been upgraded, to get the most up-to-date results. Remember that you can schedule your reports to run periodically, so you don't have to do that manually every time.

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