Guest Accounts

by Jaime Iniesta

Since our launch, we’ve strived to provide a smooth workflow for individuals and organizations looking for a tool to check large websites.

One of the most requested features by medium and large teams has been to provide a way to allow other people to use the Rocket Validator account subscribed by the organization.

Until now, the only way to achieve that was by sharing the account credentials with the rest of the team, which is not recommended for obvious reasons.

Today we’re announcing the new Guest Accounts feature, to make this task easier and provide you with more control over the usage.

Guest account invitation screenshot

A Guest Account is a way to invite other Rocket Validator users to share your subscription resources in terms of validation credits and features, without compromising your main account credentials.

Your guests don’t need to pay for a Rocket Validator subscription, instead, they’ll use your main account credits and features, for free. They’ll be able to use all the features in your Pro or Enterprise subscription, including accessibility and HTML checks, schedules, deploy hooks and muting rules. Guest accounts can’t invite other guests, and can’t manage the host account.

As a host, you define exactly how many allowed credits each user is granted each month, which will be taken from your main account when used. You can also monitor their usage and see the reports, schedules, and muting rules they generate. And you can adjust their allowed usage at any time, or cancel their guest account when it’s not needed anymore.

All you need to start inviting your guests is a Pro or Enterprise subscription.

With each Pro subscription you get 5 guest accounts, which are designed for small and medium-sized organizations. For larger organizations, you can subscribe to the Enterprise plan, which gives you 100 guest accounts per subscription. If you need more than that you can just subscribe to additional packages.

Ready to invite your guests?

Head over to the new Guests section and send them the invitation link!

Learn more about Guest Accounts

Check out the Guest Accounts documentation to learn more about this new feature, including:

  • How to see your guest users activity. You can see reports generated by your guests integrated into your reports list and domain stats.
  • How to adjust your guest users usage. Each guest user has an allowed monthly credits usage, that you can adjust at any time or let it recharge automatically at the beginning of each month.
  • How to use the Guest Reports API. Using the API you can retrieve your guest reports, and filter to get the reports created by a given user.

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