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Accessibility Checker upgraded to 3.2.0

by Jaime Iniesta

We’ve just upgraded our A11Y validation servers to the latest version of axe-core, 3.2.0, which includes 4 new Accessibility rules, so you may want to re-check your sites to get the most up-to-date results.

A11Y validator 3.2.0

Our accessibility validation servers now use the latest version of axe-core, 3.2.0, which adds 4 new accessibility rules.

  • aria-hidden elements do not contain focusable elements.
  • Label and name from content mismatch.
  • Form fields do not have duplicate labels.
  • Complementary landmarks and/or asides are top level.

This release also includes a lot of performance increases and bugfixes, so it’s a good idea to re-check all your sites to get the latest results.

See the changelog for axe-core 3.2.0

Current accessibility ruleset

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