HTML Validator Upgraded to W3C Validator 23.3

by Jaime Iniesta

We’ve upgraded our HTML Validation servers to use the latest version of the W3C Validator Nu, 23.3.

This new version includes several updates in HTML checks, like:

  • Report void elements that have a trailing slash in their start tags
  • Skip template contents when checking for duplicate IDs (bug fix)
  • Allow loading attribute for the iframe element (lazy loading)
  • Allow autocomplete=username with input[type=email]
  • Allow operator=lighter for SVG feComposite element
  • Allow more values for SVG feBlend element mode attribute
  • Allow non-JS MIME types for script elements with src attributes
  • CSS: Support color-adjust
  • ARIA: Added many changes to align with current ARIA in HTML and ARIA specs
  • Make the checker use HTTP 1.0 for all requests it sends, not HTTP 1.1
  • Make the checker ignore error for malformed/missing HTTP closing chunk

This upgrade is available for all users, your reports will automatically pick up the latest version on the next run.

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