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Accessibility Checking for Large Sites

Rocket Validator integrates axe-core version 4.8 into an automated web site scanner.

Axe Core 4.8

role='img' elements must have an alternative text

Ensures that components with the label role="img" have an alternate text.

Even if an image merely contains text, screen readers are unable to convert it into words that the user can hear. As a result, alternative language for images must be brief, descriptive, and easily understandable so that screen reader users may understand the image’s contents and intended application.

Without an accessible text alternative that screen readers can translate into sound or braille, all visual information, including images, is utterly useless if you can’t see. Accessible alternate text is also necessary to variable degrees for people with low vision or color blindness problems.

If an image does not have a text alternative that is accessible, screen readers cannot translate the information in the image to voice or braille.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Elements with the property value role="img" must additionally have markup that specifies accessible alternative text for the image.

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