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Bad value “X” for attribute href on element a: Illegal character in fragment: “#” is not allowed.

Hash (#) characters can be used in an href attribute to link to a specific part of a document.

For example, if we have this page with several sections, each of them marked with an ID:

<h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>

<h2 id="pricing">Pricing</h2>
<p>All about pricing...</p>

<h2 id="terms">Terms</h2>
<p>You can find our terms at...</p>

<h2 id="guarantee">Guarantee</h2>
<p>We offer a guarantee...</p>

You can link to a specific part of that document, for example if this page URL is /faqs and you want to link to the Guarantee section you could use:

<a href="/faqs#guarantee">Guarantee</a>

Or, if you’re linking from inside the same document, for example in a table of contents, you could just use:

<a href="#guarantee">Guarantee</a>

As there can only be one fragment in an URL, the # character should only be used once. The following would be an invalid href:

<a href="/faqs#guarantee#pricing">Bad</a>

If needed, the # could be encoded as %23.

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