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Bad value “none” for attribute “text-anchor” on element “g”.

The text-anchor attribute is used within SVG elements like text or textPath to specify the alignment of text relative to a given point, but it’s not allowed on g container elements.

Here’s an example of how you can correctly use the text-anchor attribute on a <text> element in SVG:

<svg width="200" height="200">
  <text x="100" y="100" text-anchor="middle">Centered text</text>

In this example:

  • The text-anchor="middle" attribute is applied directly to the <text> element.
  • It aligns the text in the middle horizontally around the specified x-coordinate.

You can use the text-anchor element with the SVG elements text, textPath, tref or tspan.

The allowed values for the text-anchor attribute are start, middle or end. The value none is not valid for this attribute.

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