Accessibility Checking for Large Sites

Rocket Validator integrates axe-core version 4.4, into an automated web site scanner.

<video> elements must have a <track> for captions

An HTML5 video element must include a track element with kind="captions" set as a property. The captions should convey all meaningful auditory information in the video including dialogue, musical cues, sound effects, and other relevant information for deaf users.

If a video has no caption, deaf users have limited or no access to the information contained in it. Even if a captions track is available, ensure that it contains all meaningful information in the video, not just dialogue.

Deaf viewers can see everything in the video but are not able to hear any of it without captions. Without a caption track, deaf viewers do not have a way of knowing the dialog, narration, or the essential sounds not spoken by people, such as "dramatic instrumental music," applause, screams, or other sounds that set the scene, provide context, or give meaning to the video.

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