Accessibility Checking for Large Sites

Rocket Validator integrates axe-core version 4.4, into an automated web site scanner.

Timed refresh must not exist

The document must not use <meta http-equiv="refresh"> because it can prevent control over when the refresh occurs for users with disabilities.

Since users do not expect a page to refresh automatically, such refreshing can be disorienting. Refreshing also moves the programmatic focus back to the top of the page, away from where the user had it. Such resetting is frustrating for users.

Redirection and page refresh through the use of the <meta> element is problematic for users with disabilities in many ways. The primary reason why redirects and refreshes are problematic is that the user has no control over when the redirect or refresh occurs. If the purpose of the <meta> element is to redirect the user to a new location, server-side means should be employed instead of client-side. Content that moves or auto-updates can be a barrier to anyone who has trouble reading the stationary text as quickly as well as to anyone who has trouble tracking moving objects. It can also cause problems for screen readers.

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