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Axe Core 4.9

Frames must have a unique title attribute

To help screen reader users understand the contents of each frame or iframe element in the document, each element must have a distinct title.

A frame title is used by screen reader users to describe the contents of the frame. If the frames are not identified with a title element, navigating across frames and iframes can soon become challenging and confusing for users of this technology.

Users of screen readers can choose to display a list of all the titles for the frames on a page. Users can locate the frame they’re looking for more quickly by adding descriptive, distinctive labels. Without titles, moving between frames can become challenging and perplexing very quickly. Screen readers will instead provide information such as “frame,” “javascript,” the filename, or the URL if there is no title specified. This information won’t usually be particularly useful.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Make sure that the title attribute on every iframe and frame element is distinct and not empty.

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