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Axe Core 4.9

Headings should not be empty

It is a best practice to make sure each heading element, denoted by the tags <h1> through <h6>, contains text.

Users of screen readers are informed when a heading tag is present. Users may become confused or even unable to access information on the page’s structure if the headline is blank or the text cannot be accessible.

Users of this technology won’t be able to hear the content of a header if the text inside it is inaccessible to a screen reader. Users using screen readers must be able to access the contents since headings reveal the structure of a webpage.

Applying header markup (<h1> through <h6>) is a quick approach to make content stand out, but doing so will make it more difficult for those using assistive technology to navigate a website.

Due to the fact that search engines use headings when filtering, arranging, and showing results, headers offer advantages beyond just making a page more accessible. Making your website more searchable is another benefit of making it more accessible.

Users of screen readers can navigate between headings in the same manner that sighted users might skim a page to gain a sense of its contents. Users, especially those who use screen readers, can save a ton of time and stress by using well-written, logically-arranged headings.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Ensures that headings have content and that a screen reader can access that content.

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