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Axe Core 4.9

Page must have means to bypass repeated blocks

Each page must have a main landmark to allow users to rapidly traverse repetitive blocks of material or interface elements (such as the header and navigation) and get the primary content.

Due to the fact that websites frequently display secondary, repetitive content on several pages (such as navigation links, heading graphics, and advertising frames), keyboard-only users benefit from faster, more direct access to a page’s principal content. This saves keystrokes and reduces physical discomfort.

It is more difficult and time-consuming for users who cannot use a mouse to navigate using the keyboard if the interface does not provide features to facilitate keyboard navigation. To activate a link in the middle of a web page, for instance, a keyboard user may have to browse through a significant number of links and buttons in the page’s header and primary navigation.

Extremely motor-impaired users may require several minutes to browse through all of these pieces, which can cause to tiredness and potential physical pain for some users. Even users with less severe limitations will require more time than users with a mouse, who can click on the desired link in less than a second.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Checks for the presence of at least one of the following features:

  • an internal skip link
  • a header
  • a geographical landmark

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