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Axe Core Guide

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Axe Core 4.8

<dt> and <dd> elements must be contained by a <dl>

To be valid, definition list items (dt and / or dd) must be enclosed by parent dl elements. This allows screen reader users to recognize the right hierarchy of the list’s information.

A definition list item is invalid if it is not surrounded by parent dl elements.

A definition list must adhere to a particular hierarchy. Using the dl element, a list is defined. It is followed by alternating sets of dt and dd elements, beginning with dt. dt elements define a term while dd elements denote a term’s description. Each group of dt components must be accompanied by a group of dd elements. In the definition list, only dt and dd items are permitted. If not followed, this hierarchy will render the list invalid.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Ensures that every child dd and dt element has a parent dl element.

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