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Axe Core 4.7

Elements in the focus order should have an appropriate role

Whether native HTML or a custom widget, user input elements need to play the right roles in order to make their meaning clear to screen reader users when they are focused on and landed on. If a custom widget, the element’s function must be correctly exposed by using appropriate ARIA role values rather than abstract roles.

In order for screen reader technology to convey information to users, elements in the focus order must play a function appropriate for interactive content.

If interactive content elements do not have the proper roles, the developer’s planned accessibility function cannot be carried out by the role.

When screen readers and other assistive technologies cannot communicate to the user the proper role of each element on the web page, they are unable to interact with it sensibly. Assistive technology cannot communicate with an HTML element’s set of features, properties, and ways of communicating information to and/or from the user when the value for a role is invalid.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Verifies that the role attribute value is accurate and suitable for all interactive components in the focus order, regardless of whether they are native HTML or customized ARIA widgets.

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