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Axe Core 4.7

Form elements should have a visible label

Using the title or aria-describedby properties, form <input> elements may be given titles (but not both). The purpose of these qualities is to convey more information, such as a tip.

These properties are used to convey additional information, such as a hint. Hints are exposed differently to accessibility APIs than labels, which can cause issues with assistive technologies.

When form inputs such as text entry fields, radio buttons, check boxes, and select menus do not have labels other than the title and aria-describedby attribute values, screen readers perceive the material as advisory only. The labels provided by the title and aria-describedby attributes are insufficient to create a real label that can be inferred programmatically from the input form element’s code.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Ensures that every <input> that requires a label has a label other than title or aria-describedby.

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