Top 10
Serious Accessibility Issues

Web developers worldwide have found
70 million A11Y issues
on 9 million checked web pages.
Here are the most common issues detected by Rocket Validator.

1. Elements must meet minimum color contrast ratio thresholds. 46.58%

According to WCAG 2 AA contrast ratio thresholds, all text elements must have sufficient contrast between foreground text and background colors.

2. All touch targets must be 24px large, or leave sufficient space. 20.84%

Touch targets must have a minimum dimension of 24 by 24 CSS pixels. The greatest unobscured area of the touch target is used to calculate size. The target must be at least 24 CSS pixels distant from any other touch target if its size is insufficient.

3. Links must have discernible text. 14.75%

When used as links, link text and alternative text for images must be recognizable by screen readers, have no duplicate labels, and be focusable.

4. Elements must have their visible text as part of their accessible name. 4.31%

The visible label of interactive items labeled through their content must be included in their accessible name.

5. ARIA hidden element must not be focusable or contain focusable elements. 2.80%

This rule determines whether or not aria-hidden elements contain focusable elements.

6. Elements must only use permitted ARIA attributes. 2.58%

Elements must only use permitted ARIA attributes.

7. <li> elements must be contained in a <ul> or <ol>. 2.36%

All list items (li) must have ul or ol parent elements.

8. Links must be distinguishable without relying on color. 2.35%

Makes sure that people who can’t differentiate colors can tell when text is a link by checking that the link has either a distinct style that doesn’t depend on color or a contrast difference of more than 3:1, which tells you that manual testing is needed.

9. Elements should not have tabindex greater than zero. 2.25%

To avoid an unexpected tab order that would appear to miss some components entirely, a tabindex attribute must never have a value greater than 0.

10. [role="img"] elements must have an alternative text. 1.18%

Ensures that components with the label role="img" have an alternate text.

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