Top 10
Moderate Accessibility Issues

Web developers worldwide have found
70 million A11Y issues
on 9 million checked web pages.
Here are the most common issues detected by Rocket Validator.

1. All page content should be contained by landmarks. 78.91%

The recommended practice is to keep all content, excluding skip links, in designated areas such the header, nav, main, and footer.

2. Heading levels should only increase by one. 5.30%

The h1 through h6 element tags must be in a sequentially-descending order for headings to be in a correct logical order.

3. Ensures landmarks are unique. 5.24%

Landmarks must have an unique role or role/label/title (i.e. accessible name) combination.

4. Document should have one main landmark. 5.15%

A best practice is to guarantee that there is only one primary landmark for navigating to the page’s principal content, and if the page has iframe components, each should contain either no landmarks or a single landmark.

5. Page should contain a level-one heading. 2.14%

To enable screen reader users to navigate the heading structure with keyboard shortcuts rather than wasting time listening to more of the website to understand its structure, make sure the page, or at least one of its frames, contains a h1 element that appears before the start of the main content.

6. Document should not have more than one banner landmark. 1.55%

Ensures there is only one banner landmark at most on the page.

7. Aside should not be contained in another landmark. 0.63%

Ensures the complementary landmark or aside is at top level.

8. Banner landmark should not be contained in another landmark. 0.62%

Banner landmark cannot be nested within another landmark.

9. Document should not have more than one main landmark. 0.26%

The core content of the page should only have one main landmark, and if the page contains iframe components, each one should either have no landmarks or just one. This is considered best practice.

10. Document should not have more than one contentinfo landmark. 0.22%

Makes sure there is only one contentinfo landmark on the page.

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