Top 8
Minor Accessibility Issues

Web developers worldwide have found
70 million A11Y issues
on 9 million checked web pages.
Here are the most common issues detected by Rocket Validator.

1. Elements in the focus order should have an appropriate role. 62.07%

Whether native HTML or a custom widget, user input elements need to play the right roles in order to make their meaning clear to screen reader users when they are focused on and landed on. If a custom widget, the element’s function must be correctly exposed by using appropriate ARIA role values rather than abstract roles.

2. Alternative text of images should not be repeated as text. 15.96%

When button and link text in an alt property value repeats, screen reader users hear the same information twice, rendering the alt text worthless and confusing.

3. ARIA role should be appropriate for the element. 8.81%

WAI-ARIA role attribute values must be correct. This means that values must be written correctly, correlate to existing ARIArole values, and not be abstract roles in order to properly display the element’s purpose.

4. Headings should not be empty. 6.67%

It is a best practice to make sure each heading element, denoted by the tags <h1> through <h6>, contains text.

Users of screen readers are informed when a heading tag is present. Users may become confused or even unable to access information on the page’s structure if the headline is blank or the text cannot be accessible.

5. Users should be able to zoom and scale the text up to 500%. 2.78%

The user-scalable="no" parameter in the <meta name="viewport"> element must not be used since it prevents text scaling and zooming, which are necessary for individuals with impaired vision.

6. Ensure elements marked as presentational are consistently ignored. 2.75%

Checks to make sure elements selected for removal from the accessibility tree are really deleted.

7. Table header text should not be empty. 0.94%

The text in table header components should be visible. Make sure screen reader users can access the table header. It is preferable to mark up an element with a td if it is not a header.

8. tables should not have the same summary and caption. 0.01%

Markup for data tables can be tedious and complex. Make sure the summary table’s properties and the caption don’t match. There are several capabilities in screen readers that help with table navigation, but for these features to function properly, the tables must be accurately marked up.

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