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Top 10
Accessibility Issues

Web developers worldwide have found
71 million A11Y issues
on 9 million checked web pages.
Here are the most common issues detected by Rocket Validator.

1. All page content should be contained by landmarks. 35.35%

The recommended practice is to keep all content, excluding skip links, in designated areas such the header, nav, main, and footer.

2. Elements must meet minimum color contrast ratio thresholds. 30.27%

According to WCAG 2 AA contrast ratio thresholds, all text elements must have sufficient contrast between foreground text and background colors.

3. All touch targets must be 24px large, or leave sufficient space. 11.62%

Touch targets must have a minimum dimension of 24 by 24 CSS pixels. The greatest unobscured area of the touch target is used to calculate size. The target must be at least 24 CSS pixels distant from any other touch target if its size is insufficient.

4. Links must have discernible text. 7.77%

When used as links, link text and alternative text for images must be recognizable by screen readers, have no duplicate labels, and be focusable.

5. Elements in the focus order should have an appropriate role. 4.82%

Whether native HTML or a custom widget, user input elements need to play the right roles in order to make their meaning clear to screen reader users when they are focused on and landed on. If a custom widget, the element’s function must be correctly exposed by using appropriate ARIA role values rather than abstract roles.

6. Ensures landmarks are unique. 2.35%

Landmarks must have an unique role or role/label/title (i.e. accessible name) combination.

7. Heading levels should only increase by one. 2.35%

The h1 through h6 element tags must be in a sequentially-descending order for headings to be in a correct logical order.

8. Images must have alternate text. 2.01%

To express their purpose and meaning to screen reader users, all images must include alternate text.

9. Document should have one main landmark. 1.85%

A best practice is to guarantee that there is only one primary landmark for navigating to the page’s principal content, and if the page has iframe components, each should contain either no landmarks or a single landmark.

10. Elements must have their visible text as part of their accessible name. 1.60%

The visible label of interactive items labeled through their content must be included in their accessible name.

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