Enterprise Plan

High capacity for large teams and organizations.


  • $480/month
  • 500,000 credits/month
  • 5,000 docs/report
  • 25 requests/second
  • A11Y and HTML checks
  • top priority
  • Muting rules
  • Scheduled reports
  • Reports stored for 120 days
  • Domain stats stored for 365 days

What's in Enterprise?

Enterprise subscription plans are designed for large companies, teams and organizations that need more than a standard Pro subscription can offer.

Choose Enterprise for your organization to get:

  • 500,000 credits/month. That's 10x more than a Pro subscription.
  • 25 requests/second. Higher than the 15 reqs/sec limit in Pro accounts.
  • Top priority checks. Your checks will have priority over Pro accounts.
  • 120 days report storage. We'll store your reports for 120 days, instead of the 90 days in Pro accounts.
  • 100 guest accounts. Provide access to 100 employees or colleagues without needing individual subscriptions or sharing passwords. Now in beta.

For organizations larger than 100 members you can subscribe to additional Enterprise packages, each one increasing the number of credits and guests accounts.

Need less? Check out our standard plans .

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Micro, Basic, Pro and Enterprise?

The main difference is that in Micro and Basic you can only check for HTML issues, while in Pro and Enterprise you can also scan for accessibility issues, and have access to advanced features like scheduling and muting. Micro has the same features as Basic, but less capacity and speed.

Enterprise plans are designed for large teams and organizations, providing increased capacity and performance. An Enterprise plan provides 10x times more credits than a Pro plan, and has higher speed and report storage capacity.

Can I subscribe to more than one plan?

Yes, plans work like packages and you can get as many as you need. For example, you can subscribe to a Pro Monthly plan and it will give you a sustained capacity of 50,000 credits per month. Then let's say you have a lot of client work to check during a given week, you can subscribe to an additional Pro Monthly plan and have your capacity increased to 100,000 credits during that month.

Can I cancel or change plans any time?

Yes, all plans work as recurring subscriptions, and you decide if you want to renew weekly, monthly or yearly. You can cancel your subscription any time, and your subscription will be valid until its end date, you won't be charged after it ends.

How do credits work?

Rocket Validator usage is measured in credits. Each individual HTML or accessibility check you perform on a web page costs one credit. For example, if you submit a site to be checked for HTML and accessibility and you set the report to 100 web pages, then we'll perform 200 checks for you (100 web pages, 2 checks on each page), so 200 credits will be substracted from your total.

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