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Axe Core 4.8

The skip-link target should exist and be focusable

In order to save viewers time, the website must contain a link at the top before the navigation that directs them directly to the page’s core content.

As it appears in the HTML file, screen readers read the text sequentially.

This has the effect of reading out to users of assistive technology the content at the top of the page, which normally includes the full navigation, before they can access any of the primary content. When a user is primarily interested in the main material, it might be time-consuming to listen to or navigate through all of the text at the top of the page because it is frequently very long.

Users who are blind, have low eyesight, or only use the mouse will benefit from an HTML website having a skip link.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Ensures that programmers adhere to the best practice of placing a skip link as the page’s very first link.

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