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Axe Core 4.8

Document should not have more than one banner landmark

Ensures there is only one banner landmark at most on the page.

Landmarks enable blind people to navigate and rapidly locate content. In the absence of landmarks, screen reader users must wade through too much unnecessary information to locate anything.

JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver all support using ARIA landmarks to navigate to specific portions of a web page. Landmarks offer a more elegant answer to the challenge of offering a way for readers to bypass the page’s main content. There is no visible change to the website’s layout, making it inconspicuous and undetectable. Obviously, the fact that this technique is invisible is advantageous for users of screen readers, but not for sighted keyboard users or users of screen magnifiers with impaired eyesight. In this sense, HTML 5 regions and ARIA landmarks cannot replace the conventional “skip navigation” links just yet.

There is presently no method built into browsers to alert users when HTML 5 regions or ARIA landmarks are available. Users of screen readers are the only ones who can benefit from them. There is a Firefox ARIA landmark extension that provides landmark navigation to Firefox, however this is not a native browser capability.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

This rule locates all banner landmarks, filters out those that do not correspond to their job, and checks that there is only one.

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