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Axe Core 4.8

Required ARIA attributes must be provided

ARIA widget roles must contain attributes describing the widget’s state or properties.

ARIA widget roles necessitate additional properties describing the widget’s state. If a needed attribute is missing, the widget’s status is not conveyed to users of screen readers.

Some roles function as composite user interface widgets. As such, they serve as containers that manage the widgets they contain. When an object inherits from several ancestors and one ancestor indicates support for a property and another says the property is required, the property becomes required on the inheriting object. In some circumstances, default values are sufficient to meet ARIA attribute requirements.

When required state and property attributes for specific roles (and subclass roles) are missing, screen readers may be unable to communicate the element’s role definition to the user.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Checks all elements with the role attribute to ensure that all necessary attributes are defined.

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