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Axe Core 4.7

All touch targets must be 24px large, or leave sufficient space

Touch targets must have a minimum dimension of 24 by 24 CSS pixels. The greatest unobscured area of the touch target is used to calculate size. The target must be at least 24 CSS pixels distant from any other touch target if its size is insufficient.

To be easily engaged without mistakenly triggering an adjacent target, touch targets need to be large enough and spaced apart. Users have trouble activating touch targets that are either too small or too close together.

All users who might find it challenging to confidently target or operate small controls can benefit from having targets with suitable size, or in the absence of that, sufficient target spacing. The following users gain, but are not restricted to:

  • People who use a mobile device where touching the screen is the main form of interaction.
  • Those who use a mouse, stylus, or touch input but have mobility issues like hand tremors.
  • Those who use a device in environments where they are exposed to shaking, like on public transportation.
  • Those who use a mouse but have trouble with fine motor movements; those who use a device with just one hand.
  • Those who have large fingers or are using the device with just one hand.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Verify the touch target’s unobscured size and distance from other touch targets.

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