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Accessibility Checking for Large Sites

Rocket Validator integrates axe-core version 4.8 into an automated web site scanner.

Axe Core 4.6

Links with the same name must have a similar purpose

Check that all links with the same accessible name fulfill the same function.

This guideline is significant since the goal is to assist viewers in understanding the purpose of each link in the material so they may determine whether or not to follow it. Links with the same destination should have the same descriptions, but links with different purposes and destinations should have different descriptions (see also Success Criterion 3.2.4), which calls for consistency in identifying components with the same functionality). Links can be understood when they are out of context, such as when the user agent presents a list of all the links on a page, because the purpose of a link can be inferred from its link text.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

This rule’s algorithm yields:

  • Undefined for a native link with the href attribute but no visible name.
  • Undefined when there is no accessible name for an ARIA link.
  • Undefined when the accessible name of an ARIA link is merely a collection of unicode (emoji, punctuation, nonBmp) characters.
  • True for native links with an accessible name and a href attribute value.
  • True for ARIA links with accessible names (for example, a area with map used in a image element).
  • True for native links having href attribute values and a name that can be found (that also has emoji, nonBmp and punctuation characters).

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