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Axe Core 4.6

HTML elements with lang and xml:lang must have the same base language

For multilingual screen reader users who may prefer a language different than the default, the HTML content must contain a valid lang attribute or correlate to a valid lang code. If included on the html element, the xml:lang property value must exactly duplicate the value of the lang.

Users choose a default language when configuring a screen reader. If the language of a webpage is not provided, the screen reader uses the user’s default language. Users who speak and access websites in various languages have difficulties. For screen readers to function properly, a default language must be specified and ensured to be valid.

Screen readers employ various sound libraries for each language based on its pronunciation and characteristics. Screen readers can simply switch between language libraries if documents specify which language(s) should be read. Screen readers view texts in the user’s default language if the language is not specified, resulting in distorted language. When screen readers use the incorrect language library, it can be difficult to understand anything.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Ensures that every HTML document includes a valid lang attribute, and that the xml:lang value, if present, replicates the lang value.

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