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Axe Core 4.6

Certain ARIA roles must be contained by particular parents

Certain ARIA roles must be enclosed by specific parent roles in order to carry out their intended accessibility functions.

WAI-ARIA outlines specifically, for each role, which child and parent roles are permitted and/or required. Elements with ARIA role values that lack needed parent element role values will prevent assistive technology from functioning as the developer intended.

When it is necessary to convey context to a user of assistive technology in the form of hierarchy (for example, the importance of a parent container, item, or sibling in a folder tree), and the hierarchy is not the same as the code structure or DOM tree, it is impossible to provide relationship information without using ARIA role parent elements.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Checks each WAI-ARIA role-containing element to confirm that all required parent roles are present.

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