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Accessibility Checking for Large Sites

Rocket Validator integrates axe-core version 4.8 into an automated web site scanner.

Axe Core 4.6

accesskey attribute value should be unique

A document’s accesskey attribute values must all be distinct. Or, to put it another way, accesskeys must not be used more than once to protect keyboard users from unpleasant surprises.

When a document’s accesskey attribute value is supplied, users can quickly activate or switch the focus to a particular element by hitting the designated key (often in tandem with the alt key). The page becomes less accessible as a result of duplicating the values for the accesskey attribute.

Make sure the value of each defined accesskey is distinct and does not interfere with any screen reader or default browser shortcut keys.

Users who must use alternative keyboards or input devices serving as keyboard emulators, users who have problems tracking a pointer, or users who are blind or have low eyesight and cannot employ eye-hand coordination-required devices like mice, cannot operate the content.

What this Accessibility Rule Checks

Makes certain that every element on the page with an accesskey attribute has a different value.

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