Accessibility Checking for Large Sites

Rocket Validator integrates axe-core version 4.4, into an automated web site scanner.

ARIA role must be appropriate for the element

Values assigned to WAI-ARIA role attributes must be valid. This means values must be spelled correctly, correspond to existing ARIA role values, and must not be abstract roles in order to correctly expose the purpose of the element.

Intended accessible technology behavior by a developer is not enabled when an assigned WAI-ARIA role value is invalid for the parent element.

When screen readers and other assistive technologies do not know the role of each element on the web page, they are not able to interact with it intelligently, nor are they able to communicate the role to the user. When the value for a role is invalid, there is no way to communicate the element's features, properties, and methods to assistive technologies. For example, applying role="table" to a <ul> effectively hijacks the default semantics associated with the <ul> element in a way that screenreaders do not expect resulting in unexpected behavior.

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