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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my validations slow?

Rocket Validator speed depends on the speed at which your validated server can respond. To avoid clogging your servers, we rate limit our validations to 5 simultaneous connections, so the faster your server respond, the faster we can validate it.

Why can’t some sites be scraped?

When you submit an URL for validation, we send a web spider to visit the site and get its links. Sometimes, this process that is called “scraping” fails, and it can be due to a number of reasons. Here are the most typical ones:

Authorization required
Sites must be publicly accessible to be validated.
Could not be found (404)
The URL you provided could not be found.
Connection timed out
The site is taking too long to respond. Retry again later, when the remote server has less traffic.
Too many requests to remote server
The remote server is denying us access because it is rate limiting us. Contact your sys admin to relax this rate limiting, or try again later.

If none of this explains the reason why your site is not being scraped, contact us and we'll help you find the cause.

Does Rocket Validator cache pages?

No, we don’t use any kind of cache neither on the link scraper, nor on the validator. If you’re changing your page and you’re getting the same validation results, the possible reason can be:

  • Your server is using cache, like for example Varnish.
  • Your pages are being rendered depending on the User-Agent string - you might be seeing your changes on the browser, but your server might be serving different content to the validator. The default User-Agent string for the validator is

How long are reports stored?

We store the results of your validations for a limited time, depending on your subscription. See the pricing table.

Can I share reports with other people?

Sure, you can share your validation reports with anyone. Just click on the Share this report button and you’ll be able to send anyone the URL of the report. They’ll be able to see the validation results just like you - but they won’t be able to re-check any page, only you can control this.

Can I export reports to Excel, CSV, or PDF?

No, reports can’t be exported to these formats, because the generated file would be too heavy to handle.

Think of a large site with 5,000 validated web pages, where each page has 100 issues. The result would be a file containing 500,000 rows - this is not something you’ll easily handle in Excel or that you’d be wanting to read as a PDF.

Instead, our web interface lets you easily browse all the web pages and its issues, re-check each page as needed, and share the reports with your colleagues or clients.

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