Accessibility checking

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WCAG: 2.4.4, 4.1.2: Links must have discernible text

Link text and alternate text for images, when used as links, must be discernible by a screen reader, must not have a duplicate label, and must be focusable.

  • Inaccessible link elements pose barriers to accessibility, as they are a fundamental component of a website.

  • Users who rely exclusively on a keyboard (and no mouse) to navigate a webpage can only click on links that can receive programmatic focus. A link that cannot receive programmatic focus is inaccessible to these users.

  • Like sighted users, screen reader users need to know where a link is pointing. Inner link text provides this information, though it won't get used if a screen reader can't access it.

  • Keyboard users, including visually impaired screen reader users or people who cannot use a mouse, can activate only the links and form elements that can receive programmatic focus. Any events activated exclusively by other types of focus, for example onmouseover events that depend on the mouse hover focus, are inaccessible to keyboard users. Only links and form elements receive keyboard focus by default. Modify elements that are not links or form components to receive focus by adding tabindex="0".

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